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Moltes gràcies per voler assistir als Afterworks d’U MES U.


A U MES U we start the year by presenting the new vintages of some of the winery's youngest wines.

February 02, 2022
noves anyades 2022

The year 2021 has been marked by the lack of rain and dry weather. This means that in this vintage, more than ever, it was essential to carry out an exhaustive control of the ripening of the grapes in order to be able to harvest them at the optimum ripening point and obtain the desired freshness. Nevertheless, the wines of the 2021 vintage maintain the seal of our winery and are distinguished by their elegant acidity, finesse and purity.

Moez, our winemaker, emphasizes that “Wine is born in the vineyard and my job is to accompany it throughout the process to obtain the most balanced and optimal result.” Moez is happy with the results obtained and all the work done.

Anais, the research for the optimum ripening point

Anais Xarel·lo is the flagship variety of the Penedès, and one of the most appreciated in the Cellar. This year it has been difficult to harvest it because, as Agnès, an expert in viticulture, says, “it started to rain just when we were ready to harvest Xarel·lo. Ripening was slow and the weather didn’t help, but we took the risk and waited to harvest it at its optimum point.”

On the other hand, the 2021 vintage of Anais Rosat, a blend of Grenache and Tempranillo, shows a perfect balance between volume on the palate and freshness and stands out especially for its aromatic intensity this year, since the drier climate has led to a greater concentration of aromas of both varieties.

Dahlia, the challenge of making a gray wine

Making Dahlia represents a challenge every year, due to the difficulties involved in making such a pale and delicate rosé with Garnacha Tinta. This year has been marked by the reduction in Garnacha production. Due to the drought, the yield of the vineyard has decreased, but the grapes obtained have been with a more intense aromatic concentration than usual.

As a result, we have obtained an intense and expressive Dahlia, in which its fruity and floral notes are displayed in maximum splendor.

De Llevant & De Ponent, the plots of the house

The Malvasía de Sitges and the Muscat de Frontignan from the winery complement each other in freshness and warmth, as their winds. As for De Llevant, this year the production technique has been innovated: to highlight its varietal character, 15% of this wine has been made as a breeze, without neglecting its traditional resting process in ceramic eggs. This has given it more volume in the mouth and greater aromatic intensity.

In the case of De Ponent, we have taken special care to adapt to the climatic circumstances of the vineyard. For this reason, we have increased the leaf surface of the vines, keeping the shoots to protect the grape from the sun and prevent it from burning or dehydrating. In this way, we have managed to preserve its freshness.

From the winery, the entire team has been adding ideas and efforts to obtain the best of the land and materialize it in these fresh and lively wines. We are very happy with the results obtained, because although we seek for the wines to maintain a similar profile year after year, we cannot prevent each vintage from being unique and incomparable. The art of the vineyard is about constantly adapting to uncontrollable circumstances, and that’s what makes this job so exciting for all of us.

noves anyades 2022