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Moltes gràcies per voler assistir als Afterworks d’U MES U.


Resistance to climate change begins with varieties

In 2011, three Catalan wineries allied to start a revolutionary project: to investigate and develop grape varieties that are more resistant to fungal pests, more drought tolerant, less dependent on classic vineyard treatments and with less impact on waste and emissions. For all this, with a better adaptation to the effects of climate change.

The new VRIAACC are obtained by floral crossing between different plants, such as our three iconic castes of cava: macabeu, xarel·lo and parellada. The main objective is to enhance plant skills that allow for genetic resistance to diseases caused by fungi (mildew, powdery mildew and botrytis or rot) and better adaptation to drought conditions.

The main objective is to enhance the vine’s abilities that allow it to gain genetic resistance to diseases