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Food and environmental safety policy

U MES U FAN TRES, S.L., hereinafter U MES U, as an organization dedicated to wine bottling, carrying out the second fermentation of cava, aging, degorging, aims to ensure the quality and safety of its products according to demands of its customers and markets, as well as the normative and regulatory requirements, within the designations of Cava of protected origin, Penedès and Catalonia.

The management of U MES U considers the certification of food safety systems and the environment to be of vital importance, since they are essential tools for the development of all its production processes, to achieve the involvement of all members of the company that they generate an appropriate work environment, obtain continuous improvement in processes and products, and ensure the profitability of their present and future activities.

U MES U has as fundamental pillars, the constant search for excellence, commitment to the environment and sustainability; to be part of the innovative trend in the wine sector, offering differentiated products that add value to society and help spread the culture of wine.

In the same way, U MES U is committed to finding suppliers who follow its same philosophy and are committed to food safety.Therefore, the food safety and environmental policy is aimed at fulfilling the following general objectives:

  • Provide products that meet the needs and expectations of customers and interested parties, working at all times with professionalism, ethics and transparency; and establish different communication routes with customers and consumers about our products and services.
  • Include and prioritize food safety and the environment as strategic objectives of the company and implement a basic strategic line of short-term implementation in its business objectives.
  • Comply with the applicable, legal and regulatory requirements and with the requirements agreed with customers on food safety and the environment.
  • Fulfill all product requirements in terms of safety, quality, legality, control of preparation processes and compliance with specifications.
  • To make sure that the products developed and marketed will not cause damage to the consumer when they are used or consumed in accordance with the intended use.
  • Disseminate the food and environmental safety policy among U MES U staff, interested parties and citizens who request it.
  • Periodically review and keep up to date with the policy and the objectives set related to food safety and the environment to be appropriate for the activities completed. Promote objectives consistent with the improvement of environmental processes and performance, environmental well-being or pollution prevention and environmental protection, as well as efficient management of resource consumption and waste generation and have all the information and the resources necessary to achieve these objectives and comply with this policy.
  • Spread a food safety culture at all levels of the organization, through activities that include communication, training, employee feedback, performance measurement in food safety related activities and senior management commitment of the company and in the same way, guarantee and improve the skills of our workers related to food safety, as well as risk prevention and environmental protection.
  • Periodically review the degree of effectiveness of the integrated management system implemented, through continuous improvement, adopting the necessary actions to achieve efficiency and excellence in management.
  • Disseminate the values of the vineyard, the production and the product and promote the expansion of wine culture in society and its responsible consumption.
  • Establish good practices for the defense and prevention of fraud.
  • Assume the three basic pillars of sustainability: the generation of economic well-being, environmental improvement and responsibility towards society.

The achievement of these commitments will guarantee the continuity of our organization, its growth, its improvement and the future of all of us. Therefore, the management requests the active collaboration and participation of all U MES U staff, in the development of the activities defined in the management system.

This policy provides a reference framework for the establishment and review of safety and food environment objectives, it must be known and applied by all people in the company and, therefore, will be reviewed annually to ensure its continuous adaptation to the needs