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July 13, 2023

Cygnus Albireo wins the Grand Gold medal at the Vinari Awards for the second year as the best young Cava in Catalonia

A few weeks ago, in a ceremony that was held with great expectation and enthusiasm at the Cellar Cooperativa de Rubí, U MES U had the honor of revalidating its prestigious award as Best Young Sparkling Wine in Catalonia for the second consecutive year, with its Cava Cygnus Albireo. This news was received with great enthusiasm and joy within the winery, since it is a recognition that reaffirms the value of the work of the entire team to try to get closer and closer to excellence.

The Vinari Awards, the most recognised competition in the Catalan wine sector, makes an special emphasis on the tasting process of the participating wines. Its blind tasting methodology ensures that the prizes and recognitions are awarded with complete objectivity, based solely on the organoleptic quality and the intrinsic characteristics of each cava. Thus, the bronze, silver, gold and grand gold medals were awarded to the various wineries in Catalonia, reflecting the excellence and diversity of their products, as Ramon Roset, director of the Vinari Awards, explained during the ceremony.

For U MES U, this revalidation of the award for Best Young Sparkling Wine in Catalonia represents much more than just a medal. It is a recognition of the high level of dedication, effort and commitment that the winery puts into the creation of its wines and cavas. Obtaining this award for the second time in a row is true recognition of the winery’s know-how and projection of the project to position itself as a benchmark in the production of high-quality wines and cavas with a unique personality.

There are objectives and goals that become incredibly challenging to achieve, and even more complicated to repeat over time, and it is in this context that U MES U, a winery that lives and understands the world of wine in an organic and passionate way, it fully demonstrates its awareness of this outstanding distinction within the framework of our territory. With each award won, the winery consolidates its desire to play a key role in claiming the potential of our origin, Catalonia, as a world leader in the production of high-quality wines and cavas.