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Moltes gràcies per voler assistir als Afterworks d’U MES U.


June 9, 2023

U MES U presents its new corporate website,, to position itself within the digital world as a fresh and innovative brand with character, just like its wines and cavas.

U MES U, after a year of incessant work, launches its web environment conceived from scratch by the winery team together with the external team of Webiseny. Its objective is to digitally transmit the history and values of the brand behind each bottle.

The winery, since it carried out the rebranding of the brand in 2020, had not captured the full potential of its narrative in the most protagonist environment of our day to day, the digital one. An environment that requires certain adaptations and creativity to be disruptive and send the message beyond words. For this reason, U MES U has chosen to create a very dynamic web universe, where each product has its leading role thanks to personalized pages that reflect its character and identity. A feature that differentiates it from its competitors who usually choose to replicate the same page structure for each of their wines and cavas.

Elaborating a Gran Reserva Cava in the winery is a complex job that requires many years of learning, and therefore its presentation page has certain differences compared to other less aged cavas. The user can see these differences reflected in the bottle, the flavor or the design, and today, at U MES U, they can also see it on their product website.

In addition, in the new environment we can find all the information related to; their wines and cavas, medals, history, vineyards, production philosophy, varieties, sustainable projects… and a very extensive list of each of the tasks they carry out at U MES U for being a better sum every day. A trip that they live with all the senses and helps them to elaborate its wines and cavas.

The philosophy of the brand and the way of living the world of viticulture of U MES U has been embodied in a globally very clean and simple environment full of details that breathes the Art of Addition and the passion for its work on every page. Each elaboration, each story and each bottle is unique. And UMES U has found a way to enable the user to discover each of these stories through a unique and digital journey.