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Moltes gràcies per voler assistir als Afterworks d’U MES U.


26th of June 2024

Mireia Vilaseca’s concert on the roof of Casa Les Punxes will open a cycle of events to pair wines and culture in unique spaces in Barcelona

U MES U winery is starting a cycle of afterworks to combine culture, wine and unique spaces in Barcelona. The first will take place this Wednesday, July 10, on the terrace of Casa Les Punxes, with the concert of Mireia Vilaseca and the music of DJ Kiki and with two prize wines, recent winners of a Gold medal at the 2024 Vinari Joves Awards , Anais Muscat and Anais Rosat, which will be completed by Anais Negre and Anais Xarel·lo.

This cycle aims to become an exclusive and unique meeting point that serves as a disconnection after a day of work and that at the same time allows you to discover cultural proposals, in this case an emerging musical talent, in a privileged environment. An event that, like the winery itself, wants to explore and promote the art of suma.

To start this cycle, in addition to the ecological wines of U MES U, the protagonist will be the singer-songwriter Mireia Vilaseca, a woman who was also born in a land of wines, in Alella and who from 2022, with the publication of her first album, Des de dins, broke into the Catalan music scene with force. The July 10th concert at the Afterwork he adds will be used to present his new EP entitled Una mica mes.

The pairing will be with Anais ecological wines, a collection that was born to pay tribute to all non-conformist and fighting women who seek to experience and discover new places. The labels are the work of the illustrator Nirvana Jiménez, who was inspired by the story of Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot who crossed the Atlantic in her small plane.

Casa Les Punxes is a modernist building designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch in 1903 and listed as a Cultural Property of National Interest. Its roof is a private space close to the spikes that characterize the building and offers spectacular views over the city.

These three elements – the space, the music and the wine – are what the U MES U winery wants to add as a reflection of the versatility of its wines. It is a bet by the new generation that has put itself in charge of the winery, in the hands of the brothers Maria and Oriol Piñol. In fact, Maria Piñol will be present at the Afterwork que Suma to explain her wines and to attend to the media who wish to do so.

To round off the afternoon, you can also taste Espinaler fries, nuts and cheeses from Les Garrigues and olives from Olivias by taste.

About U MES U

U MES U is a young winery that was born in the year 2000 but which is supported by a winemaking legacy from Penedes that goes back to the 50s of the last century. The third generation has paved the way for sustainable transformation to become 100% sustainable and also for the redesign of the image and projection of the winery everywhere. A path of modernity that is linked at all times to its history, its origins and its territory and to the production of wines and cavas of the highest quality.