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Moltes gràcies per voler assistir als Afterworks d’U MES U.


27th of February 2024
Anais Muscat

The fruitiest wine of the winery completes the range of Anais wines, already known for the pureness of its varietal aromas and its history inspired by Amelia Eartheart, the first pilot female who crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

U MES U presents its latest wine Anais Muscat. The fruitiest and sweetest wine of the winery completes the Anais range, already known for its young and fresh wines. A range that stands out for the pureness of their varietal aromas and primary notes, dressed in a charming image that has a female pilot as its protagonist, a symbol of discovery, empowerment and passion. They lead us to discover the characteristics of each varieties that are reflected in an authentic and genuine way.

The story of Anais is an adventure full of epic and passion for the region, with a touch of romanticism inspired by the pilot Amelia Earhart, the first woman to cross the Atlantic in her small plane. Each wine in the range symbolizes a risky flight and the thrill of venturing out to discover new horizons. From the soft dawn to the serene dusk, each bottle represents a stage of the day flying over the Penedès, capturing the very essence of the experience and the landscape that this region offers us. In addition, the winery pays a moving tribute to all female figures, recognizing the fundamental role and historical influence of women in the world of wine. Beyond that, Anais personifies the courage and determination that have driven oenologists, winegrowers, and technicians to fight to claim the Penedès region and grow the profession of cultivating and working the terroir. His story is something more than a story of bravery; it is a tribute to the strength and resilience of all those who defy expectations and leave their indelible mark on history, whether through small or large actions, such as practicing ecological cultivation or innovating in production processes to reduce their impact.

The Anais range, which already had a red wine (Syrah and Tempranillo) and a rosé wine (Garnacha and Tempranillo), will now have two white wines. One of them, a 100% Xarel·lo that shows the versatility and potential of this variety that is ours, where what stands out is the minerality and its characteristic saline point. On the other hand, with Anais Muscat we want to reflect the floral, soft and enveloping profile that this Mediterranean variety gives us. We discover the sea of floral aromas and tropical fruits characteristic of Muscat combined with the peach and honey notes of Macabeo.

With the launch of Anais Muscat, U MES U completes the range of Anais wines, thus consolidating this brand within the market. With each bottle, Anais invites us to explore the diversity and aromas of the Penedès region, delving into the uniqueness and quality of its origin.
Anais Muscat