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Moltes gràcies per voler assistir als Afterworks d’U MES U.


20th of December 2023

U MES U shows its annual report, capturing the exciting essence of its journey through the year 2023.

The readers will have the opportunity not only to get to know in depth the team that gives life to the winery, but also to be part of the exciting experiences that have marked this year in U MES U.

Among other highlights, this captivating chronicle reveals the secrets of the new website, of Caelus, of the vintage … offering followers an exclusive opportunity to discover all the work done inside the winery. A trip that also highlights the dedication of the U MES U laboratory, with deep research and constant research to guarantee the sustainability and maximum quality of its wines and cavas.

What can be read in the annual report?

  • Meet the Summation team and the members who are part of the winery’s DNA.
  • Enter to the world of Caelus, the new Gran Reserva.
  • Discover all the secrets of the new website.
  • Research and innovation, everything our Laboratory team does to be sustainable and guarantee quality.
  • Diaries of the 2023 harvest marked by the lack of rain.
  • The most relevant news of the year.
    … and much more!!

The U MES U annual reports, which became a tradition last year, not only continue their trajectory, but also grow in richness and depth. This chronicle, which goes beyond the pages, invites wine lovers to be part of the U MES U community. A vibrant community that shares the same passion for wine culture and know-how. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the universe of the winery where each bottle is a story, and each sip is a reflection of the passion and effort of an entire team.

“We look forward with enthusiasm, knowing that each year presents us with the opportunity to explore new horizons and continue to move forward on this chosen path with the nobility, constancy and cheerful courage that characterizes us.”

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