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Deneb, a star in the Cygnus constellation, is the brightest and purest star in the constellation. A monovarietal Xarel·lo Cava made with minimal intervention to exalt the essence of the variety. Our non sulphites cava is unique, like its star, which shines brightly in the night sky showing its striking elegance.

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Ageing between 24 – 30 months on its lees. Reserva


Traditional method

No Dosage

graduació alcoholica

Alcohol 11,5%

What are sulfites?

Sulfites are the salts that wine contains as a result of having added sulfur. Sulfur has been used since the time of the Roman Empire as a preservative and stabilizer for wine. This element has antioxidant, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that preserve the original characteristics and aromas of the wine over time and protect it from deterioration.

Sulfites are naturally produced during alcoholic fermentation, but it is a minimal quantity, normally less than 10mg/l.
In this case, the stabilizing action is carried out by natural factors, such as acidity, which are intrinsic characteristics of the grape itself when it is grown under certain conditions and when its state of health is optimal. Additionally, it requires the most meticulous and careful preparation so that it is protected at all times, does not have contact with oxygen and its properties are not altered by external factors, thus preserving its essence to the maximum.
When a wine has a minimum amount of sulphites, it expresses itself in a very particular way. Its aromas are more intense, since they are not inhibited by sulfites, so the aromatic complexity is greater. The texture in the mouth is also more voluminous. In short, the wine shows us its most authentic essence and at its maximum potential, without filters and without complexes. This allows us to produce Cavas with a very interesting and very personal character.

Intense of white fruit and hints of nuts.


Robust and at the same time fresh, with mineral notes, fine and slightly spicy.

Less complexity
More complexity
Less ageing
More ageing

Ideal with all types of seafood and fish, especially tuna or salmon. Dishes of creamy rice and white meats in sauce.


Serving Temperature 6ºC


Selected grapes from the vineyard under San Juan in San Martín Sarroca (Alt Penedès), 300 meters above sea level.

Gold Medal
International Wine Awards
Gold Medal
International Wine Awards
Silver Medal
Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition
Silver Medal
Decanter World Wine Awards
Silver Medal
Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition
Gold Medal
Wine System - Wine Award International
Bronze Medal
Decanter World Wine Awards
2022. Silver Medal
Decanter World Wine Awards
2023. Gold Medal
Wine System - Wine Award International
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the harvest begins before dawn and the last stars fade in the sky.