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Moltes gràcies per voler assistir als Afterworks d’U MES U.


26th of October 2023

Caelus, the Cava Gran Reserva 100% Pinot Noir that the U MES U winery launched on the market at the beginning of the year has been presented at Maricel Palace in Sitges.

Last Monday, October 23, U MES U presented Caelus, its new Cava Gran Reserva 100% Pinot Noir, at the emblematic Maricel Palace in Sitges. An enclave of singular architectural beauty that turned this presentation into a unique staging.

Caelus, named after the God of the Sky in Roman mythology, is a Cava Pinot Noir that has been carefully crafted as a Blanc de Noirs. With more than 72 months of aging and being the longest-lived of the winery’s entire wine collection, it is destined to become its top-of-the-range cava.

Celler U MES U, born in 2000 with the aim of producing distinctive wines for their complexity, finesse and freshness, has spent more than 30 years experimenting with the Pinot Noir variety and its elaboration as Blanc de Noirs . This dedication has led to the creation of Cava Gran Reserva Caelus. A Cava that was presented for the first time in February 2023 at Barcelona Wine Week but that had not yet been staged for the entire restaurant sector.


The chosen place could not have been more magical. A point of union between heaven and earth, Palau Maricel in Sitges was built by Miquel Utrillo in 1911 with architectural elements of different styles and on the rocks of the sea. A building that captivates for its beauty and imposing majesty on the Catalan coast, just as Caelus does at the top of the celestial firmament.

Caelus has spent more than 72 months aging in cork, an evolution that was appreciated by attendees through a vertical blind tasting where they could enjoy exclusively the vintages of 2022, 2020, 2018 and 2016, in plus being able to discover the nuances of the 2023 base wine, only a couple of months old. A unique opportunity to experience a sensory journey through the different aging stages of a Gran Reserva like Caelus and to be able to see the evolution of this wine, which acquires infinite aromatic layers and an extraordinary complexity as time goes by.

The night ended with tastings of Xerigots cheeses, Carpier salmon and Fontanals ham on the Palau’s terrace contemplating the stars and the immensity of the sea.


U MES U has always been very aware of its relationship with the sky and everything that surrounds it, looking at the sky is what gives us a sense of belonging to the universe, a sense that inspires us to innovate and experiment and also to take care of our environment, the two most important values of the winery. It is for this reason that this new Cava takes the name of a Roman deity who would be at the top of his heavenly universe.

The sky is also for the winery a source of inspiration that encourages us to want to go further and to take on challenges like the one Caelus represents: the challenge of making a white wine with a black variety; the transformation of a grape that arrives in the cellar with lilac tones at sunset and becomes a white and fruity must in the morning, when the first rays of the sun come out.



This Cava, considered the most elegant and complex produced by the winery to date, pays tribute to the art of winemaking and offers an unparalleled experience for wine lovers. Caelus is a Cava 100% Pinot Noir Blanc de Noirs without dosage that preserves the delicate aromas of the variety. In the glass it offers a fine and subtle bubble, an aromatic complexity, and a perfect balance between creaminess and freshness. The first vintage of Caelus in 2016 consists of 4,570 numbered bottles, making it a true oenological gem.


According to Maria Piñol, representative of the Celler family, “Caelus is the dream of a visionary who planted this variety in 1993 with the belief that one day it could make a great cava,” referring to his father, Josep Piñol. Caelus also represents a challenge: that of working with a foreign variety, adapting it, making it one’s own and getting the best out of it.

Caelus is a statement of intent by U MES U: it reflects the willingness to experiment and the desire to always go further in the creation of exceptional wines. It symbolizes the culmination of the Art of Addition and exalts the idea that the making of a great wine is only possible if you add up the care of all the small details, the passion and effort of all the people who pour themselves into the process It is this sum that allows them to discover and enjoy the maximum expression of Pinot Noir through Caelus.