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Environmental commitment is on the basis of U MES U activity

It is not a declaration of intent nor does it respond only to the search for a differential advantage in terms of reputation within our sector. It is a central pillar, which manifests itself throughout the value chain, from viticulture to the responsible use of production and logistics resources. The main visibility of this effort is in the elaboration of organic farming wines and cavas, certified by the CCPAE.

certificacions u mes u certificacions u mes u
We are one of the Wineries for Climate Protection

We have ambitious plans in terms of reducing emissions and waste, ecodesign and sustainable purchasing, recyclability and the use of renewable energies: currently 95% of our consumption comes from renewable sources. All these actions have been decisively added to obtain, in May 2022, the Wineries for Climate Protection certification (WfCP), the first and only specific certification for the wine sector in terms of environmental sustainability.

Developed by the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) and awarded by Lloyd’s Register, the WfCP certification recognises the continuous improvement and sustainability of the winery based on four fundamental pillars: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), water management, waste reduction and energy efficiency and renewable energies. As of mid-2022, only 45 wineries across the country had the WfCP certification.


energies renovables

The winery’s energy consumption comes from renewable energies

reducció emissions

Reduction of our emissions compared to last year


Future forecast in the reduction of waste and circularity